About 3 Minute Gamer

What is 3 Minute Gamer?

3 Minute Gamer is a podcast/game show where each guest has exactly three minutes to talk about their favourite video game. Each week, we will speak to a different guest and challenge them to discuss their favourite game against the clock.

Why did we create it?

Video games and the communities that support them are sometimes shown in a negative light. We want to create a show that is positive, focusing on what people love about video games. We believe that every gamer has a personal story to share, something that is personal to them, regardless of their background.

Many podcasts tend to be quite lengthy, so we wanted 3 Minute Gamer to be something that our audience could listen to during a break at work or on a short walk. Because of their short length, it’s possible you could listen to a whole series of 3 Minute Gamer back-to-back in one sitting.

How can I be a guest?

Series one of 3 Minute Gamer is already filled. We will be announcing opportunities to get involved in future series via our social media channels on Facebook and Twitter. To ensure things go smoothly during the editing process, we would like to request that you:

  • Have a reasonably good-quality microphone so you can be heard clearly.
  • Record in a quiet environment with no interruptions, ensuring that background noise such as clocks and computer fans are not picked up by the microphone.
  • Download a program called Audacity, which is used to record your side of the podcast (successful applicants may be asked to send over a test recording in advance).
  • Find a place to upload your exported WAV file (we recommend Dropbox or Google Drive).